People-First Content for SEO Beginners

November 15, 2023


Marketing has a lot of aspects that we continuously try to study and understand. One of these is how to engage properly with your target audiences. By now you should be able to create content that is geared towards your audiences, and this is what we like to call people-first content.

A Brief SEO Background

Before actually getting into people-first content, you must first understand what SEO is for. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the act of optimizing your content in order for it to appear first on search engines like Google.

SEO experts have a deep understanding of how search engines work. They also know how to use that to their advantage when creating written content like articles. This is how sometimes you see articles that rank first on Google while others get pushed further back.

The Basics of People-First Content

Now that we’ve gotten SEO out of the way, what is people-first content? It is basically creating content that caters towards people’s needs. This means you have to be ready with content that actually helps your audience members. This takes light away from traditional SEO as that focuses more on using search engine algorithms to your advantage.

You must be able to create content that dives deep into certain topics. This means you have to provide accurate and concise information about things your audience might be interested in. If people have a question, your content should be able to answer that question and any other sub-questions they might have along with it. It’s also important to understand the lingo that your target market uses.

Is People-First Content important?

Effective people-first content allows people to gain information without having to go to other websites for them. Like so, you must be able to provide all needed knowledge about a certain topic. Be as comprehensive as possible.

Since people-first content is meant to prioritize what users need, search engines might not view your content as helpful if it’s low quality, which in turn lets it rank lower. Make sure that your content is as good as possible, so it ranks higher!

What should my People-First Content contain?

If you’ve made it this far then you might want to try creating people-first content for yourself. We’ll try to give you all the tips you need to make the best content that your tuarget audiences will find useful. Let this be your guideline in doing so.

Find out what your audience is interested in!

The first obvious step would be to first figure out what topics your audience would want to see. With people-first content, your audience is your priority. People mostly go to search engines to help them with their concerns, so be ready with the things they need help with.

Stick to your area of expertise

To get as many people as possible to click on your content, you may be thinking of writing about any topic you can think of. Do NOT do this. You have to stick to your area of expertise when helping people out. If you run a coffee business, make sure to create content related to coffee concerns.

Prioritize Problem-Solving

People generally don’t like it when they read articles that barely help their concerns at all. While providing information to your audiences, make sure that you actually help them solve their problems and concerns.

Make sure to engage properly with your audience

There are a number of different ways to engage with your audience properly. This is especially important in people-first content since people must feel like you understand them.

  • If your audience is technical, make sure to state facts and data.
  • If your audience has an emotional trigger, make sure to have that in your article.
    • Example, parenting articles should have phrases such as “we know you want to be the best parent you can be.”
  • If your audience is looking for a recipe article, be sure to highlight ingredients, alternatives, and steps.
Use easy language

When writing people-first content, make sure that the language you use isn’t hard to understand. Readers want to read fast to get information and difficult words can slow it down.

Be empathetic

People are usually looking for answers regarding their problems. Since this is the case, you must be able to show empathy towards their problems. Allow them to know that you understand where they’re coming from and that you’re here to help.

How will People-First Content help you in the long run?

Creating more people-first content will allow you and your business to be more established. This also brings more users to your online websites which increases traffic. People-first content allows you to increase your own domain authority because naturally, people would be loyal or at least recognize that you are good at creating content for your particular niche.

Moreover, it allows you to spread information about your own area of expertise. This differentiates you from your own competitors and helps users see you as a reliable source of knowledge.

Should you start making People-First Content?

Our final answer would be: Yes! People-first content is a great way to increase website traffic. The more users you have clicking on your content, the more reliable search engines will find you to be. When creating people-first content, remember to engage properly with your target audiences and to stick to what you know.

When discussing long-term results, people-first content will open up your business to customer satisfaction and your own domain authority.