7 Reasons Why TikTok is Good for Your Business

January 17, 2024


TikTok’s Popularity over the Years

Since the launch in 2016, TikTok’s user base has been rapidly expanding with more and more brands relying on it to grow their reach and attract potential customers. You might be wondering about the benefits of TikTok and why businesses are going crazy over this platform. How much of a big deal is TikTok actually?

TikTok has over 1.7 billion users all over the world now and is considered as the fastest-growing social media platform of all time. This app surely knows how to keep its users entertained. TikTok users spend an average of 1.5 hours of their time on the platform every single day and it has already outranked X (Twitter), Telegram, Reddit, Pinterest and Snapchat in terms of monthly users. This pretty much shows how TikTok’s game is on another level.

Statistic of tiktok's rapid rise

With all these trends here and there, the hashtag challenges, and the continuously growing audience, TikTok is obviously not gonna go down anytime soon. So, If your brand isn’t on TikTok yet and you’re still hesitating about it, see if this changes your mind.

7 Reasons Why TikTok is Good for Your Business

1. Really really HUGE audience base

One of the obvious perks of extending your marketing to TikTok is its large and growing number of audience. There are over 1.1 billion active users of TikTok globally and it’s exclusive to no age group.

While we know that the Gen Zs are originally the audience of TikTok, older generations and millennials have recently joined as well, giving businesses access to a large and varied audience to interact with and market to. So whether your target audience is 13 or 60 years old, you wouldn’t have to worry about it! No matter what your niche is, you’re safe with TikTok.

2. Great user engagement

One of the benefits of TikTok that will literally amaze you is the amount of engagement rate you can get by posting content. The average daily screen time of its users is 95 minutes and this amplifies the great opportunity for advertisers to get engagements that are higher.

According to Rival IQ’s Social Media Industry Benchmark Report, TikTok is currently the most engaging social media platform, ranking the highest with an engagement rate of 5.69%. Put in mind that every individual that interacts with your brand is a sign of brand awareness and with the right strategy, TikTok can give you lots of it.

3. Faster reach

TikTok is the most engaging social media app, and its wide audience reach means there are countless opportunities to establish a strong social media presence. This platform is available in over 160 countries and your viral video can reach every part of the world in no time.

Take a look at the number of the TikTok users in different countries.

Statistics of Tiktok's popularity

With over a billion active users worldwide and a high screen time average essentially means that by having a presence on the platform, you can reach a wider audience much more quickly. It’ll take your videos to places before you even know it.

4. Influencer marketing opportunities

TikTok is like a safe space for its users to be authentic. One of the numerous things that sets it apart from other social media platforms is that anyone can go viral on TikTok in one snap. You can have 13 followers and post a video that gets a million views in one night. Of course this doesn’t mean that everyone can easily go viral all the time, but the thing is there’s a chance for all. This indicates that there are a lot of influencers on TikTok.

This strategy called “Influencer Marketing” is way different from the traditional TikTok Marketing techniques. Here, your influencer partners are the ones who create and put out the content unlike the usual strategy which focuses on having your social media team and brand produce and share original content on your brand account.

There are different types of TikTok influencers and it’s important to know all about them if you’re considering influencer marketing for your brand.

Mega Influencers

These people have millions of followers and are considered as the celebrities of TikTok. Their audience is often very diverse, with a wide range of interests. It’s important to put in mind that high follower count does not necessarily mean high engagement rate. Keep in mind that the sense of authenticity must always be present in any promotional content you make on TikTok.

Macro Influencers

These people are considered as popular influencers as well. Their followers typically range from 100,000 to 1,000,000. In situations where you wish to reach a broad audience while targeting a specific customer segment, a macro-influencer may prove to be more beneficial than a mega-influencer.

Micro Influencers

These are the influencers with 1,000 to 100,000 followers. While they have smaller follower counts, these individuals typically produce relatable TikTok videos, which increase engagement on their pages. Working with a micro influencer has many advantages, one is the organic audience engagement that they maintain.

Nano Influencers

Even though a nano influencer may have fewer than 1,000 followers, they frequently have particularly dedicated followers. Nano influencers may be the best option if you want to leverage influencers to support your local marketing campaigns.

5. Different types of Ads to choose from

TikTok provides a number of features for business marketers that can be leveraged to boost sales and brand recognition. To reach a larger audience, you could, for instance, use TikTok ads.

The good thing is that there are several ad formats to pick from if you want to learn how to use TikTok for business. These include:

TopView Ads

This TikTok ad placement is the first thing a user sees upon opening the app. This one is the longest video ad format; they are full-screen, sound-enabled, and autoplay for up to 60 seconds. Additionally, if you want to increase website traffic, you can include links to external or internal pages.

In-Feed Ads

These are the 9–15 seconds ads that appear between user videos on the “For You” page as you scroll through it. TikTok’s algorithm typically selects content for you to see on the “For You” page based on your browsing behavior, therefore, these ads will surely reach the right audience.

Brand Takeover Ads

These are full-screen ads that appear upon app launch. They take over the screen for a brief while before switching to an In-feed video ad. Additionally, they can be found on the “For You Page” as gifs, videos, or still photos with links that can be clicked to visit TikTok landing pages.

Branded Hashtag Challenge

This is an advertisement type that entails urging users to record themselves dancing or engaging in other activity related to the product, then share the video online with a designated hashtag.

Branded Effects

This allows businesses to create an advertisement on the app with their own unique filter. It lets brands design their own AR filters, lenses, and shareable stickers. This type of ad is an effective way to raise user engagement and can run for up to ten days at a time.

Spark Ads

These are like in-feed ads. Spark ads let brands use their own TikTok videos or, with the creator’s consent, their own videos as advertisements. Through spark ads, users can visit a music page or the brand’s TikTok account to use the audio for their own videos.

6. User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) allows businesses to reach a wider range of audience and establish engaging connections with individuals in unique and interesting ways. Sharing user-generated content and establishing challenges is one of the best ways to market on TikTok and build a sense of community around your goods or services.

TikTok’s “duet” and “stitch” features let users reuse content created by other creators. This implies that brands can affordably and efficiently start campaigns using the backs of other creators.

7. Authentic branding

Authenticity is TikTok’s lifeblood; it enables the brands to exhibit their personalities and establish more intimate connections with their audience, which promotes brand loyalty and trust. Its power to provide a more authentic branding than any other social media platform is also one of the benefits of TikTok.

More and more brands are embracing TikTok’s genuine and creative atmosphere, providing consumers with a fresh approach to find and interact with the products they love. Customers who feel emotionally connected to a brand are more likely to have a positive brand experience. Through the creation of informative, entertaining, or helpful content, organic marketing enables companies to engage with clients naturally.

Take your TikTok to the Next Level

By now you must already know that TikTok is more than just the silly dance trends and lip syncs. As time goes by, people are realizing the benefits of TikTok. It’s definitely a game changer in the social media marketing world and you won’t wanna miss this opportunity.

If you’re just starting out with TikTok Marketing or are considering taking your marketing strategies to the next level, it will probably take you some time to figure out what your next steps should be.

It’s never too late to try something new for your brand! Thinking about adding TikTok to your marketing strategy? We got you covered. Book a free consultation with us.