TikTok Marketing Tips in 2024

January 26, 2024

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TikTok on Top

TikTok is a very up and coming social media platform and is one of the most popular apps today. Like so, many are finding themselves on this app to promote their own brands and businesses. If you are one of the many, go ahead and dive into our TikTok marketing tips for this 2024.

With the hundreds of thousands of brands competing to be on the “For You” page of the users, solely relying on TikTok’s advertisement features might not be enough to stay on top.

Aren’t you tired of reading multiple articles about TikTok marketing guides and tips only to end up getting the same advice over and over? It’s about time for you to explore some real unique tips and insights that can set your brand apart from everybody else.

Here’s a list of some TikTok marketing tips you might not know about yet!

What Makes TikTok Good in 2024

TikTok’s Uniqueness

TikTok has a very unique interaction style to say the least. It requires users to constantly slide through various videos and occasional photos to keep their attention. The content on this app is very personalized and there is what they call a “For You Page” where everything is literally for you based on your interests.

The app has its own algorithm wherein it takes into account a user’s interests and viewed content to keep on giving them even more content as they scroll. What makes TikTok so addictive is the ability of its content to keep a person hooked within just a few seconds of a clip.

TikTok Marketing

Now coming from a marketing perspective, TikTok is a great app to use since it has over a billion active users worldwide. This means a brand can effectively reach their desired target audience by consistently posting interactive content.

Moreover, TikTok generated a survey wherein 83% of its respondents found that the app’s advertisements were indeed entertaining. Furthermore, the survey showed that at least 1 in 4 respondents bought a product after watching a TikTok advertisement.

How to Use TikTok Effectively in 2024

Let’s now dive into how to use TikTok’s popularity to your brand’s advantage this 2024. With any social media platform, you first need to create an account and this can be easily done by just downloading the app and signing up. Do remember to use a professional email for this.

Business Accounts

When using TikTok, there are two types of accounts you can create: business and creator accounts. For the main part, both account types get access to analytics tools which is great for keeping track of your content. Business accounts do get less access to some sounds that can be used on the app. This means you may not be able to use a couple of trending audios that can get people hooked.

However, using a business account can allow you to add website links directly on your profile and you can even link your account to third-party software that can manage your content for you.

Despite not having access to some of the audios on the app, the other benefits clearly outweigh the negatives. Having access to in-app analytics gives you a massive advantage over other platforms that do not have it.

Creator Accounts

On the other hand, personal or creator accounts allow access to any type of audio you want to use. It also allows creators to stitch and duet any type of video related to their content. Brands can use this feature to directly interact with their audience giving good communication.

A downside however would be the inability to link a website to your creator account immediately as this type of account would need a set amount of followers before allowing you to add links.

Business vs. Creator

By now, you probably think that creator accounts are more useful than business accounts since the differences aren’t all that different. However, brands and businesses should stick to having a business account since brands can sometimes get into trouble for using certain audios.

Facing legal situations may not be worth it just to use a couple trending audios, so sticking to a business account would be beneficial for brands.

TikTok Marketing Tips Nobody Tells You About

If you’re now done creating your business account for TikTok, the next thing to do is for you to optimize your account in every way possible. Make sure that your brand is seen and uniform across your other brand websites or social media accounts.

Choose a Demographic

As with any social media platform, TikTok is full of different types of people around the world. Therefore, you must choose your demographic accordingly. This will set the tone of the content you will post and will help you gather an audience much easier.

Overall, TikTok’s active users are mostly on the younger side and the app is much better to be used for younger audiences. If your brand demographic is composed of much older audiences, TikTok may not be the best app to choose.

Use TikTok Ads

TikTok has its own system for advertisements called TikTok ads. After choosing a demographic, content comes next. With any content you post, you have the choice to promote it on the app. This does cost money so we recommend setting aside a budget for this.

Similar to Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads works on a bid-based system wherein creators determine what their optimization goals are based on their budget.

Work with Influencers

Many social media influencers are present on TikTok and many other social media platforms. This gives you the option to hire them to boost your brand awareness to a larger audience. This can be done through multiple means such as collaborating on content, sending products for influencers to review, and others.

Optimize Content

TikTok is a very content-based platform so you need to plan this out carefully. The app offers a wide array of editing options you can use. These range from filters to simply just adding an audio to your simple video.

A trick in creating content on TikTok is to just keep things short. It only takes the first few seconds of watching before people decide to scroll so make sure you already have their attention at the start. Although if the content you are posting is more on the informative side, then longer videos are better. Just make sure to capture your audience’s attention before they scroll!

Use Analytics to Your Advantage

You must know how to use TikTok’s analytics to boost your brand popularity. You can use analytics to check currently trending audios and clips for you to use. There’s nothing wrong with using a current trend for your videos and TikTok’s Discovery page can help you figure them out.

Authenticity Over Aesthetics

If you’re a regular TikTok user, you’ll know that aesthetics will always come second to authenticity. TikTok’s user base tends to respond positively to content that feels authentic and genuine rather than focusing on aesthetically curated content. And this is not usually the case in other social media platforms like Instagram where influencers get better results by uploading “instagrammable content” and putting extra effort on making their feed as polished as possible.

The sense of personal connection of the viewers to you as a brand or as a creator is what’s gonna get you on top. So, if you’re wondering what else you can do to get better views and engagement on TikTok, you might want to focus on how you can give your audience something that they can relate to. It’s important to note that TikTok users tend to appreciate content that feels spontaneous, relatable, and unfiltered.

Balance Your Promotional and Organic Content

We all know that running sponsored campaigns on TikTok is a really effective strategy if you want your videos to reach a large audience in no time. However, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t be all out producing hard selling content alone. 

Building a community and developing a connection with your audience is just as important as promoting your brand on TikTok. Sharing organic content that directly speaks to your audience with a sense of sincerity can actually help you get better results for your paid campaigns. By having a balance of both organic and promotional content, you can actually develop an effective marketing strategy that promotes long-term growth.

Keep an Eye on Trends!

All these years, TikTok has been known for all these trends which influencers often initiate. The platform is marked for its fast trends development which is actually part of why its algorithm is top tier. Since everything that appears on the users’ “For You” page is based on their activities and interests, TikTok has become a place of creativity and trend-setting, so missing out on these types of content means you’re actually missing out a lot.

Keeping up with the shifting trends basically means you’re keeping your relevance in the world of TikTok. It increases your chance to get viral, generate engagement, and become the new talk of the town. Who wouldn’t want that for their brand, right?

Quantity and Quality Matters

Posting often is a must on TikTok, but so is making sense. You’ll never know when your video will blow up so just keep on uploading content and wait until one of your posts gets viral. But don’t assume that just because you post often means that it’s going to give you good results, consistency is different from spammy. 

The thing about TikTok is that everybody has a chance to go big. Some may start small and go big in one night, while some may not. While TikTok claims that the algorithm makes content recommendations based on a variety of factors, it typically rewards posts that are regular and consistent. The more you post, the more often your content will appear in the TikTok algorithm. 

Keep Your Videos Fun, Don’t Be Overly Formal

TikTok is a fun social media platform where everybody enjoys entertaining and authentic content. Producing overly formal videos might not work on TikTok like how it works on other marketing channels, and you have to take note of that. 

TikTok is the perfect playground for creativity, so why not invest in making your videos enjoyable for your audience? Come up with fresh ideas that will hit them right on the spot!

Go for Full-Screen Vertical Videos

One of the best TikTok marketing tips that has to be emphasized is to go for vertical videos as much as possible.  If you’re looking to optimize your creative space and boost the impact of your visual assets, shoot and edit your TikTok videos in a 9:16 aspect ratio. In mobile-first platforms like TikTok, vertical videos tend to attract more engagement and get you higher chances of being featured in the “For You” page feed.

According to TikTok, videos with a 9:16 aspect ratio had a 91% higher conversion rate than videos with a different screen resolution, which gives space for black bars around the edges of the screen. Focus on giving your audience a natural feeling everytime they get across your videos. Make sure you follow this step for better results.

Partner with a TikTok Marketing Agency

Social media marketing has become a must for businesses nowadays and TikTok is one strong channel where you may find success. Whether you’re aiming to increase sales, boost your overall social media presence, or get your brand on top, TikTok is a reliable partner. And now that everybody is investing in their social media marketing, especially in a competitive platform like TikTok, this may be the best time for you to partner with beCreative Studios and take your social media presence to the next level.

Don’t Forget Your Branding!

Some people can get carried away posting clips on TikTok using whatever trend they find. However, you must keep in mind your branding and see if the clips you post are in line with the tone of your business. The best way to keep an audience is to stay unique without posting about whatever topic that can be found.

TikTok’s Popularity in 2024

Overall, TikTok is definitely a great platform to start using for marketing. Its users are mainly on the younger side so you can market to a younger demographic if that’s your goal. You also have access to the app’s analytics to see if your content and account are doing well.

With TikTok’s very unique and addictive interactive style, it’s also easy for content to become trending. Due to the algorithm of the app, it allows users to discover newer trends and content more rather than showing content that friends and followers like. This means you can even randomly pop up on a user’s timeline as long as you are relevant to what they like.

If you want to use TikTok this 2024, it will be a great investment. However, if you think that managing a social media platform will be too much work, it’s also always a great idea to hire marketing companies to do the work for you. With the right strategies, following the right TikTok marketing tips, and the right professionals supporting you, your brand might be the next to go big time on TikTok.