Will Threads be good for online businesses?

July 17, 2023

Digital Marketing

With the increasing popularity of Meta’s new social media app Threads, a big concern people have over this is if it will be beneficial for online vendors to promote their own brands and products. Before I go on, the answer is: definitely, you will definitely not regret using this new social media platform for your online businesses, and there are a number of reasons as to why you should go ahead and set up an account on Threads.

Threads is first and foremost an extension of Instagram

As Threads is a part of Instagram, this means that you can directly transfer existing accounts to the newly released social media platform and yes, this includes your existing following/follower list. This means that you do not have to garner another audience on Threads to advertise your product.


There is a huge craze revolving around Threads

If you do not have an existing Instagram account for your business, do not fret! The spark the release of Threads has now evolved into a big burning flame that you should exploit for your online business. The new app garnered a surprising 30 million downloads in just less than 24 hours, which beat out other trending applications such as ChatGPT, meaning that even if you do not have an existing target audience, it will not be difficult to build up your own reputation from scratch as an online vendor.


Who is your target market here? How will you engage with them?

Even though it is still easy to gather followers and an audience on Threads despite not having an existing Instagram account, you must still first identify the target market you’re trying to sell your product/service to. Once you identify this, it will be easy to reach out to members of your audience by making posts and threads about your business, and yes, how you reach out will certainly impact your relationship with them. Threads being a relatively new app, does not have the same rules as entirely new social media applications since it is already connected to Instagram, an established platform. Given this, trends on Instagram and other platforms may be used as topics for posts and advertising.


Users have reported incredible follower engagements on Threads

Mrwhosetheboss, a YouTuber with 15.4 million followers reported to have been experiencing so much more engagement with their followers on Threads, despite just having around 60 thousand followers at that time, which sounds even more incredible since this is compared to the YouTuber’s engagements on other social media platforms with tons more followers. Following this, it will not be difficult for old and new businesses to boom on Threads.

What will advertising be like in the long run on the Threads app?

Currently, Threads is boasting a no advertisement deal for its users until the app gathers more users, but as the app grows older, this is a part that will definitely be monetized by Meta in the long run. There are no rates as to how much this will be, but it may arguably contrast Twitter’s prices for ads (given how Threads is supposed to battle Twitter), which averages around 1.5 USD for every first action (like, retweet, etc.) users make.


Is there anything to look out for?

Of course, with any business, you want to be looking out for anything that may happen. Do not worry as we’ve got you covered. As you may have heard, the company that manufactured Threads may soon undergo a lawsuit regarding misappropriation of Twitter’s (under Elon Musk) intellectual rights. The Threads team on the other hand denied these accusations entirely as it was “simply not a thing.” Despite this, we still recommend business accounts under Threads given the amount of people using the app right now, and the popularity it has accumulated in just a few days, and it does seem like that Threads will not go anywhere anytime soon.