Will Canva Replace Designers in the Future?

December 07, 2022

Design and Production Photo and Video

This has been an ongoing worry for most graphic designers who have spent a significant amount of time in their careers learning professional tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and other software.

Not only that, but clients are starting to learn how to create their own marketing materials with this free software, rendering a lot of graphic designers without work.

That’s the world we’re moving into, so what does the future hold?

While it is scary for some, we believe that this is a challenge for designers to step up their game, strengthen their skill set when it comes to designing marketing materials, and expand to even deeper parts of the craft such as Branding!

While Canva does make it easier for others to create, this doesn’t mean that it’ll replace professionals completely. Think about it: everyone can go to the grocery store and cook, but professional cooks will always be there. People can DIY their housework, but there will always be engineers and interior designers. New designers may come and go, but those who persist will outlast others in this field, as is the case with every other profession.

Easy fixes will never replace those who do quality work, and you should hold on to that thought. Can you even imagine starting to do this poster of Avengers Endgame on Canva?

As someone who aims to be good, you shouldn’t worry about Canva taking your job because their direction is to go the other way: making it easy. Well, being good at something can never be easy (as you already know). Clients who want expert work will look for experts. Your job is to prepare for the work your client wants and empower yourself with the tools that will let you execute the best way possible, and that could include speed!

Tools are only tools, and you have a unique access to having the best of both worlds to use at your advantage.

We at be Creative Studios also use Canva when it comes to whipping together quick attractive decks for our presentations to clients. Have you tried their Background Remover? Give it a go and see what we mean by having the best of both worlds.

As long as you have the bandwidth, the accumulating experience, the confidence to take on professional design projects, and the readiness to evolve constantly, you will always be an irreplaceable pro.