Music: How is it a Marketing Strategy?

July 28, 2023

Digital Marketing

Music is meant to invoke emotions, memories, and when people feel, they remember. One of the best ways to connect with audiences is emotionally, and music is at the top of that list, making it a very solid marketing strategy.

Music as a Marketing Strategy

Jingles and pieces that are added into advertisements for products are meant to emotionally stimulate its audience giving them a driving force to buy the product. Sometimes appealing towards logic and facts is not enough to get people to purchase an item, and this is when appealing to emotions works very well. The season of giving and loving already has people emotional as it is and music that allows people to have mental images of certain products pairs quite well for the holidays.

Let’s take a moment to look at Philippine Christmas culture. Countless memes pop up like clockwork right before August ends showing Jose Mari Chan, a famous Filipino singer notorious for his Christmas hits. Music is already in our blood as Filipinos, and it only shows more during the BerMonth season.

Shopee CNY Sale 2019 – YouTube

Sometimes, emotions aren’t really a factor in making jingles, the only thing it has to be is catchy and memorable. A great example is Shopee’s jingle that garnered so much attention for its catchy melody, inspired from the viral children’s song, Baby Shark. To this day, it is hard to listen to Baby Shark without mentally hearing “sa Shopee-pee-pee-pee~”

Using music in ads isn’t new in the Philippines. Back in 2012, Downy released its “Rabadabango” commercial that went viral due to its tune. 

Uh-oh, what if—

Music does quite well in the marketing scene overall. However, it does cost money to pay professionals to record and create music. Since this is the case, smaller businesses might want to stay away from this as it is not cost-effective.