What is Email Marketing?

December 21, 2023

Digital Marketing


Email is one of the first few methods of communicating online. Up until this generation, email is still constantly being used for professional purposes. As such, it’s not uncommon to use email in digital marketing since it does fall under digital. Since email isn’t normally used aside from professional purposes, email marketing has often fallen to the sidelines. Marketers still use this strategy however, but what is email marketing?  Is it still good to use?

Email Marketing

Email converted into cash

Email marketing is one of the most straightforward ways to advertise products. It’s basically the act of sending emails to the people on your list that contains information about new products and services. Think of it as an email update to keep your customers engaged and informed.

This can keep your audience aware of any events or sales that your shop will be having. Depending on the type of email you send, you can even increase your own brand’s reputation and awareness, as well as build relationships with your own audience.

Strengths of Email Marketing

As we’ve said before, email marketing often does fall to the sidelines as other methods are easier and better. Don’t let this stop you though, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to keep your customers updated, especially the older generations.

Website Traffic

With proper use of email marketing, you can increase your own websites’ traffic. This means that more people will be clicking on your website. It’s pretty much self-explanatory how this is good. More people, more attention to your business.

Social Media

Similar to website traffic, by sending appropriate emails to your customers, you can also increase awareness to your other social media platforms. This helps your social media presence grow organically, rather than having to pay for social media ads which can be a bit pricey.

Business Awareness

Lastly, you can also build your own business’ reputation and branding. Again, this will depend on what type of marketing email you will be sending out as it can differ most of the time. Aside from just sending product updates, you can also use email to reinforce the things that make your company unique.

This also helps build personal relationships with your audiences. It allows them to see the more humane side of your business.

Weaknesses of Email Marketing

Email Length

Whether we admit it or not, it is hard to read emails that are too long and often give up before we finish it, especially when it’s just an advertisement. Like so, it’s tricky to know if customers will fully read an email about your business.

Email Spam

As people with daily lives, we probably don’t have much time to always check our emails. This goes the same for your customers. People can either be too busy to check their emails once in a while, or even direct marketing emails to the spam folder. It is hard to know whether or not the emails you send out will be read, and therefore makes it an unpredictable strategy. Even the best of us can succumb to instantly deleting marketing emails.

Other Brands

Moreover, email marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies out there. This means that you won’t be the only one sending out emails to your customers. Other businesses have plans set in place to send their customers emails about their new products and such.

The Types of Marketing Emails

Types of marketing emails

We’ve mentioned before how there can be different types of marketing emails. You can choose the type of outcome you want depending on the type of email you send out. This makes it important for you to learn which email type is appropriate to use in any circumstance.


The first type of email you can send out is a welcome email. This is your first impression to people who have never heard about your brand. Since this is the case, it might be smart to not introduce your products right away and instead focus on introducing your business and what it stands for.


Promotional emails on the other hand differ a lot from welcome emails. Here is where you start introducing your existing or new products that your business will offer. Promotional emails often contain vouchers and coupons that your customers could use for the products you’re promoting.


A newsletter email can function similar to a promotional email, except it is supposed to be sent out regularly. Newsletters can be sent out once a week, or even less often. These can contain updates about your business or event announcements.


You may also send out surveys to your customers to know whether or not they are satisfied with your brand. This can give valuable insight into things that you should be improving. It can also show what your customers think about your brand or if it is worth sharing to other people.


Another type of email you can send out are loyalty emails. These can be sent to your most loyal customers where you can thank them for their patronage. You can also offer them special coupons and discounts that won’t normally be offered to anyone else. This overall helps maintain your customers and keep them coming back.

Is it still okay to use Email Marketing?

Definitely! It is more than okay to keep using email marketing as a marketing strategy. Despite its obvious weaknesses, email marketing is one of the more cost-effective marketing strategies. As such, you generally won’t be investing too much money into it.

Moreover, it’s also a very stable method of promoting your business. Compared to social media, you can directly reach an audience through their inbox and inform them directly about your brand. This also gives you more control over your audience and how you talk to them.

Email Marketing is…

Still one of the best methods! If you’re skeptical about this type of digital marketing, don’t fret! Any marketing strategy has its downsides, but the strengths of email marketing can outweigh its weaknesses. Raising your website and social media traffic to increasing your brand awareness are among the best ways to keep gathering customers.

You can also choose different types of emails to send out to focus on the things that your company needs. This gives email marketing more versatility compared to others and it allows you to be more fluid and in control of the outcomes you want.