Upgrade Your Analytics Game: Seamless Migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4!

July 19, 2023

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How do I migrate from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google’s latest and most advanced free analytics service to date. As Universal Analytics has ceased to exist as of July 1st, users are now inclined (and obligated) to migrate their accounts to GA4. UA may not be able to process data for us anymore, but our data will certainly not go anywhere since the data transfers along the migration process.

We’ve got your concerns about migrating covered. Follow our guide to do it easily and properly.

UA to GA4 Migration

Create a Google Analytics 4 Property

The first step would be to click the little gear icon and navigate towards Admin. Once you see the Account column, double check to make sure that the account you want to use is selected. If you only use one account however, the account shall already be shown as selected. Under the Property column, choose the UA property that currently processes data for you.

After this, go to GA4 Setup Assistant then click Get Started under I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 Property. Now, this part will seem a bit tricky so we’ll try not to overcomplicate things. If you want to set up a Google Tag page, choose Create and continue.

If Create and continue was chosen, install the Google tag manually through the Setup a Google tag page, or an option that would be more suited to your situation as there are multiple choices presented.

If you want to reuse already existing UA tagging for GA4, then click on Create Property. Google will then make a connected site between your UA and GA4 properties.

After Creating a Property

Once all is said and done, a message will pop up saying “You have successfully connected all your properties” at the top of the GA4 Property Setup Assistant page. Take note of the property’s name so it’s easier to find. If the UA name of the property is “Property” then the GA4 one shall be “Property – GA4.” Lastly, click on See Your GA4 Property to open the Setup Assistant for the new GA4 property. This will guide you through recommended features and settings for GA4.

It may take at least 30 minutes for all data to transfer. If you’re worried if the service is doing this properly, the option Realtime to see activity in Realtime Report.

If you made it through, congratulations! If you’re still having a hard time, we recommend checking out video tutorials and walkthroughs below.

Guides on how to migrate from UA to GA4

Video Guide for Beginners

Google Analytics 4 Migration Walkthrough Video