The Only Holiday Marketing Campaign Guide You’ll Need

July 28, 2023

Digital Marketing

The holiday season in the Philippines is notorious for having such a great and rich culture behind it. Countless memes and social media posts depict Filipinos to begin prepping their holiday spirits as soon as August starts! Businesses often have trouble figuring out their holiday campaigns during this time, so if you’re wondering how to launch your strategies, do not fret. This is the only holiday campaign guide you should need!

Christmas is such an integral and important part of our culture as we’ve been celebrating it since forever, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love Noche Buenas?! The rise of the Ber months also means that countless sales and campaigns are about to pop up, and if you’re wondering what you should do for your business, then we’ve got you covered.

Holiday Campaign 1: The Classic Sale and Discount

There goes a saying that spending despite a discount is still spending money, and maybe it’s time to use this to your advantage. Unpopular items often sell more after doing this too, but if you wish to go more in-depth, then we recommend checking this out.

Holiday Campaign 2: Season of Thanks and Gratitude

Filipinos are always very respectful, especially during the holiday season. Given the holiday spirit, it’s important for companies to ingrain this culture and start giving back to their customers, and you may want to check it out if you want to increase your brand’s reputation for 2023’s Ber Months.

Holiday Campaign 3: Jingle All the Way!

We can’t deny the large role music plays in our lives. It drives most of our daily activities from exercising to simply just working. Companies often take this thought and make their own jingles and music samples for the holiday season as it’s an effective way to be promoting a product. Click on this link if you want to know more about how music affects marketing.

We love the end of August

Filipinos love the BerMonths and already associate September with Christmas, despite being 2-3 months away. If you’re still unsure of what marketing strategy you can employ during the giving season, a simple act of kindness and being genuine to your customers is the main thing to be working on.