The New Bose Look 2023

October 11, 2023

Digital Marketing

Bose Thumbnail

Sound is power and Bose does such a good job at proving it with their new sleek look. They took the world by surprise recently by reinventing their look and we must say, we love it! You’re probably wondering though, what’s new with Bose and what happens from now on?

Keep asking as we’ll attempt to give you your answers, just continue reading!

What is Bose?

Everyone is raving about Bose right now. It’s the aspirational brand for those who want to go a step above the Apple Airpods in sound quality. For those who have never heard of it before, you’ve come to the right place. Bose’s tagline is ‘sound is power,’ and they exemplify this with their top quality audio devices. They want us to have only the best sound experience as much as possible.

First and foremost, Bose’s products can be argued as the best in the industry. They’re a very well-known brand that offers a wide range of speakers and headphones with clean designs. Some of their products even come with voice support assistants.

Compared to other brands, Bose products are best used in home settings. Their speakers give customers what we call ‘cinematic’ audio, capturing the area around, but not so much outdoors.

As such, Bose’s team is full of professional sound engineers that want to innovate how we listen to, well, basically anything! The recent Bose glow-up had all our jaws dropped and they are still amazing us.

What’s new with Bose?

Bose was first able to capture their audience’s attention by their very refined and smooth designs. Their options of sleek and simple-looking products reflected Bose’s personality of being forward and straight-to-the-point.



We’re definitely here for Bose’s new look, but what exactly were the changes? It feels like their overall persona changed overnight and we’re loving it. It also feels like they’re now trying to cater to more audiences with their popping and vibrant colors shown on their products.


Brand Personality

They indeed changed a lot, but let’s first discuss Bose’s brand personality. Bose actively tries to inspire themselves with what is seen around us, and that inspiration is reflected on how they design their products.

Bose’s tone says it all. They’re not afraid to be direct with their audience, but it doesn’t overshadow the fact that they’re also full of curiosity and excitement. It really feels like they’re focusing on us as consumers and actual people.

Moreover, this feels like a step in the right direction from Bose as it feels like they’re trying to become less stiff with how they interact with us as consumers without losing their cool and assertive personality in the process.


The main focus of Bose is music and sound, and what better way to show that visually than with colors?

Through colors, anyone can show an array of emotions and movement. When you see and think of Bose, the first palettes to come to mind are all monochrome. Their products are mostly monochrome and can come in different shades of black.

The monochrome color palettes certainly give the brand its distinct personality of being elegant and assertive. It allows audiences to capture the bold and elegant sides of Bose and it’s definitely a classic to see. On the other hand, Bose is now also capable of surprising us with its other eye-opening palette that features much more than a monochrome one.

To get a clearer image of what we’re talking about, check out the posters below!

Bose Home Speaker 500

The monochrome color palettes certainly give the brand its distinct personality of being elegant and assertive. It allows audiences to capture the bold and elegant sides of Bose and it’s definitely a classic to see.

Now, the more vibrant colors Bose uses is mainly to give emphasis on whatever is needed. This palette allows the brand to surprise audiences and give a splash to posters that need it. Think of it as highlighting your books while studying or reading.

Bose Promo Poster


Everything we’ve discussed before can be seen with the new Bose posters. From personality to color, Bose adapts to what is needed.


More than just the use of different colors, Bose has also updated their photography styles, but not a lot. Again, this all comes down to color. Bose was seen as a bit rigid before with its simple black and white, so the addition of vibrant colors to their posters shows a lot more personality!

Childish Gambino Bose

Layout And Design

Poster layouts can also be seen differently now and are now sleeker and more elegant by design. The use of Bose’s logo can intentionally be seen as a line in their posters, or something used to divide the poster.

It also seems like Bose added more things to their designs. This also changed how the brand feels when we look at it. By t

his we mean designs to their overall font and text. By simply looking, not much changed per se, but they did add new and fun ways to how they show simple text. 

As shown before, the Bose logo looks a little slanted with its text, with its first and last letters having elongated bars. This type of writing for Bose can also be seen on posters and other graphics, but the main thing now is that they also use an inverted slant for the second line of text, if there is one.

This kind of look feels more fun and innovative, and definitely less boring than the previous designs they have had.

In addition, Bose’s new graphics have left nothing to be desired. Similar to color, Bose also uses graphics to show how music and sound move. In artist terms, this can be called texture. Texture can be used so much more than just showing simple texture since it also shows movement.

Bose Discover Poster

Is This An Attempt To Copy Apple’s Vibrance?

People would think that this move by Bose might be an attempt to copy Apple’s marketing tactics. However, Apple’s uniqueness is heavily different as it focuses on simplicity and function. Bose on the other hand retains its big designs while adding their own sparkle and glimmer to it.

Appeal to the new Generations

Through a Generation Z lens, Bose in the past can be seen as quite stale and even stiff. This can be seen with their use of monochrome colors and lack of an overall personality. With their recent upgrades, it can be seen as an attempt to gather even more support from more demographics, specifically the younger generations.

The use of more vibrant colors and how they show movement, Bose posters are now more noticeable and give it a more distinct look, while keeping a distinct minimalism. All these ensure that the brand goes on without losing their dominant personality.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, Bose upgraded their brand logo and use of colors. This allows for more definitive posters that add personality. Even more so, the vibrant colors add more glamor to something that is already elegant to begin with.

Before we end, we believe that Bose’s new persona is a step in the right direction for all their demographics. Despite what we believe is an attempt to pull in younger audiences, Bose’s vibrant colors make the brand more noticeable for everyone. This allows the brand to have its defining features even more enhanced, with a splash.

Designers, brand strategists, marketing agencies, and other creative professionals should take heavy inspiration on Bose’s mastery of its aesthetic.