The PAGCOR Logo Controversy

July 31, 2023

Design and Production

Another controversy is now revolving around Filipino netizens due to the government’s release of the new PAGCOR logo. It reportedly cost around a whopping 3 million Philippine Peso, or roughly USD 55,000.

Expression of disappointment online is not a new thing when it comes to the Philippine government. Netizens are swarming platforms to say that the logo doesn’t look like it was worth the amount.

The issue sparks confusion and humor amongst Filipino netizens and others seem to be wondering why all of this happened. The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, and with it, the release of the new logo.

The logo that resembles a letter P with streaks of red and blue were reported to have been akin to a burning flame which represents the “flame that ignites change and drives progress,” according to PAGCOR’s chairman, Alejandro Tengco.

Of course, people did not shy away from voicing out their hilarious opinions on the matter. Netizens are seemingly insinuating that even an AI could do better in designing the logo. Others are even claiming that they could do better with Canva.

Some even expressed that the logo heavily resembles the famous gasoline station, Petron’s logo, with both having designed letter Ps within them which raises the issue of plagiarism and intellectual property theft.


People are now also demanding investigations about the issue. This is mainly due to the logo’s very pricey amount, despite not looking like it was worth it. PAGCOR chairman Tengco responded with saying that the money did not just go to designing the logo, some also went into factors such as stationeries, envelopes, etc.

Despite the response, District Representative Rufus Rodriguez still desired to launch a probe looking into the questionable amount of taxpayer’s money spent, claiming it be unnecessary.


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