The Best Social Media for Online Selling

September 22, 2023

Digital Marketing

person thinking what the best online platform for online selling.

Online selling is such a hit these days and tons of users online are doing this. When selling, it can be a problem to figure out where to sell your products or services. Don’t worry about going through the trouble as our list has the best social media platforms for online selling.

What social media platforms should I consider for online selling?

Friendster and MySpace took the world over during the early 2000s with a new and refreshing way to connect to people. Despite this, online selling wasn’t really that popular back then and it only rose to fame when Facebook launched Marketplace during 2016.

Given this, Facebook takes the crown as the best platform to use for an online business. However, some come close to being very good as well, mainly being Twitter, Instagram, and the new app Threads.


facebook icon

If you have a business that you want to take off for the first time, we very highly recommend using Facebook. It is very straightforward to set-up a page on Facebook and get a business going. Simply just set-up a page and post your products.

The great thing about Facebook is that you can even connect your business page to Facebook’s very own Marketplace for more attention to your shop!

We recommend checking this out for a more comprehensive guide to setting up a business page on Facebook.


twitter icon

Twitter on the other hand is the easiest, yet probably a more risky option to go for. Small businesses and those that sell simple items are most suited for Twitter.

Following the Twitter environment, most netizens here sell music merchandise and other small items like facial products. If your business mostly focuses on these, then you might probably want to give this article a read.


instagram icon

People on Instagram are mostly coming from the millennial side of the age spectrum. This means services and companies that have these ages as a target market might want to use Instagram.

Moreover, content on Instagram mostly revolves around lifestyle posts and everyday life. If you want to start a business on Instagram, then read our guide on how to do so.


User interface comparison of twitter (left) and threads (right)

The last but not least is Threads. It is the newest app launched by Meta, which makes it a sister to Facebook and Instagram. It dominated the world almost instantly with its release and tons of users are on the platform.

It is relatively similar to Twitter in terms of user interface, but the main difference is that it is directly connected to Instagram. To use Threads, you must have an Instagram account on the ready, meaning your account will instantly be on the app!

Given this, it’s quite difficult to understand how Threads works, but with our guide, you’ll be setting up a profile in no time!

Online Selling on Social Media

There are quite a number of social media platforms to choose from when you want to sell online. The main ones right now are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Threads.

Despite all of these being social media platforms, how you interact on each of them is different. The environment and people on each platform differ so you might want to do some research before choosing the right one for your business.

This can be such a hassle, especially since the BerMonths are just starting. If you want someone else to worry about the marketing side of your business, give us a holler!