Online Marketing and Selling on TWITTER

September 27, 2023

Digital Marketing

Twitter is alongside Facebook and Instagram for being one of the largest social media platforms. Mostly members of Generation Z are registered on the app so rules on the app are generally more loose and free. Despite the atmosphere, online marketing and selling on Twitter is still very prevalent among users. If you want to be an online seller, then we’ve got you covered with this easy guide.

Why use Twitter?

Twitter has recently rebranded to ‘X’ under its leadership from Elon Musk. The higher-ups of Twitter wanted to make Twitter into a more usable application that can be used for pretty much anything. Basically, they wanted to make an app similar to WeChat. Given this, Twitter will become a much better breeding ground for online sellers and the like.

You can also pretty much reach your desired target audience within minutes of a Tweet, given that the app is used mostly by Gen Z. If you want to cater to younger people, then we recommend using Twitter.

Like other social media platforms, Twitter is completely free. It won’t cost you a dime to set-up a simple online seller account, and you can even do it in less than 30 minutes.

How to start selling on Twitter

Creating an account on Twitter is as easy as it can be. Compared to creating a Facebook page, you only have to create an account on Twitter and modify it how you want it to look like.

Create an Account

The first step is to head to Twitter.com and click on Create account. It will then ask you for your account name. You can go ahead and type in your shop’s name or any name you want for your business.

For the email, we recommend using a professional email or business email so that you won’t get confused.

Lastly, input your birthday or the business’ birthday on the last tab.

Decorate your account!

Don’t forget to make your account optimized. You can do this by adding cover photos and profile pictures related to your business. Make sure that these look nice and cater to your audience.

Next is to add a short biography about your shop. Include short descriptions of the things you sell, add links to your other shops, etc. Be creative!

Add Pinned Tweets! These tweets will be the first tweet netizens will see once they click on your profile, so make sure it’s appropriate.

Start making content!

Content can refer to anything ranging from videos to photos and simple posts. Make sure to engage with your audience and make your posts relatable. You need to have a personal relationship with your buyers since that creates loyalty between you two.

Also remember to have fun with your content! You’re using Twitter and that means you can pretty much do anything you want, but make sure to never do anything inappropriate and offensive!

On Twitter, it is important that your content should be aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Gen Z is very typical of the art they see on their feed so be wary of what you post. Still, you can also hire graphic designers to design your tweets and posters.

If you want to hire a professional videography team on the other hand, make sure to budget and map out your resources. This can be quite pricey, but if you still want to, then a couple of tips about negotiating with a production team can be read here.


Twitter is arguably the platform with the most engagement possible. People can tweet, retweet, and leave likes on any tweet they find. Like so, remember to engage with your audience. Ask them what they like, what they need, or what they like to spend on. You can also ask your audience on what to improve on in the future.

Engagement lets you create loyalty in the long run and will overall improve customer satisfaction.

Online Selling on Twitter

Twitter is great if you want a quick and easy way to sell your products. It’s also even more great to think that pretty much anyone can use it! A quick reminder about being a Twitter seller is that you must be frequent with your posts. You can lose an audience pretty quickly if you don’t engage with them enough.

Gen Z also mostly uses Twitter to buy and sell music merchandise and is quite a huge business. However, other sellers are also present on the app, mostly skin-care and other physical products. As you can see, the range is quite wide so it is great for any type of business.

Twitter isn’t your only option as well. As an online seller, you must be open to other platforms to further your business. If you get big on Twitter, you might want to think about expanding to other online shops like Shopee and Lazada, or even other social media platforms.

Online marketing and selling on Twitter is also quite a hassle if done alone. Sometimes it is easier to employ a team of marketing professionals to help you through, and that is what we are for. Check us out if you need!

We hope this guide helped you set-up a simple shop account and we wish you good luck!