Online Marketing and Selling on THREADS

September 28, 2023

Digital Marketing

First of all, what is Threads?

Threads has taken the world in an instant with its perfectly timed release. The app interface heavily resembles Twitter’s, and if you read this, you’ll understand why most Twitter users are on Threads. The Threads userbase is huge and even topped the weekly downloads of ChatGPT. Like so, people are wondering if they can utilize online marketing and selling on Threads.

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering the ins and outs of online selling on Threads. If you continue reading, we’ll be explaining why Threads is good as a platform and how to get started!

Is Threads good for Online Selling?

There are already tons of users on Threads, mainly users from Twitter and Instagram alike. Twitter users have moved to Threads out of frustration of the former, and Instagram users are here due to it being an extension of Instagram. Since Threads is quite new, there is no real rule on how to create a perfect thread. A thread is similar to how a tweet works with an extended word limit, and you don’t even need hashtags!

To put it simply, yes. Threads is good for online selling due to its massive user count and engagement rate, arguably better than Twitter’s. This also goes for small accounts with low followers!

How to start selling on Threads

First and foremost, we need to explain how Threads works. Sadly, the only way to create a Threads account currently is to have an existing Instagram account. If you have an existing Instagram account, you can instantly transfer all your followers and existing data onto Threads.

Since you’re here however, we assume that you’re just starting out, so here are the steps to go through.

Set-up your Threads profile

As said, there is no way to have a Threads profile without an Instagram account. Like so, highly recommend checking our Instagram Online Selling guide to get a more comprehensive overview on how to set-up an Instagram profile.

Create an Instagram account

The most simple way to create a Threads account is to create an Instagram account. Head on to instagram.com and click on Sign up. The website will ask you for your basic information so make sure to input the correct information about your business.

Continue to Threads

There is currently no website for the Threads app, so unfortunately you’ll have to go on your phone to access it. Once you open Threads, you’ll have an option to log-in with your Instagram account. After you’ve logged in, Threads will be able to access your Instagram profile’s information, pictures, and even your followers/following list!

Threads is very much like Twitter based on how you use it, but the environment is still pretty much more on the Instagram side. Since this is the case, your target market on this app will still be millennials and above. This doesn’t mean that Gen Z does not use the app though, so if you want to cater to them, do so!

Start your content!

Types of content you can utilize

Before starting your content, you must first be familiar with your own business’ branding. Under your branding is how your company talks, how it presents itself and how it should feel to other users. Make sure to set this in place before creating your content here, but if you have content from Instagram already, then you can take inspiration from that.

You must also make your writing style uniform. This means you must make all of your posts’ language and way of talking the same. This helps establish your company’s image and feel. You also need to figure out how to introduce your products and services along with your company’s branding and writing style.

These may seem a bit difficult to worry about, and that’s what marketing agencies are for. Make sure to check us out if you need someone to worry about these things for you.

Post your products!

If you’re familiar with Twitter, then the app works very closely to that. You can post long text up to 500 words and accompany them with photos and videos. Mostly Instagram users are on Threads so you might want to take inspiration from Instagram posts for your content.

You can start by posting pictures of your products/services along with short descriptions of what they are for. Most people can do this on their own, but if you want professionals to help you with photo shoots, you might want to check this out first. Remember that photo shoots will cost you, so remember to budget accordingly.

Make lifestyle posts!

Create threads about your product and how users’ lifestyles will improve with it. People love to improve their quality of life with products they see online so cater to your audience! Include graphics that will make users engage. You can create your own posters, or you can also hire graphic artists to do it for you.

If you want to create your own posts, you might want to check out Canva. It is a free graphic design website with countless possibilities and tools at your disposal.

Make threads with other users!

You can also interact more with your audience on Threads. The app has options to reply on your followers’ ‘threads’ similar to quote retweeting. Here you can ask if buyers are satisfied with the items and services you provide. It is also a medium for direct feedback from your buyers to see what they want or need from your store in the future.

Threads is very versatile and its options to interact with users are limitless. Use this to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and improve on the things that customers do not like. This is what most online selling is.

The Good and the Bad of Threads

There is one glaringly obvious downside to using Threads and that is the fact that it’s pretty much just an extension of Instagram. You will only be able to access your Threads profile through Instagram so if you don’t have a profile there yet, then Threads might not be a good option to use. If your business is still relatively new, we recommend checking out our other guides to online selling on Facebook or Twitter.

Despite this, Threads does still have a silver lining to it. The app is able to access all of your information and followers from Instagram. This means that if your business is already quite popular on Instagram, then you will have no problem creating a new reputation on Threads. You will also be able to notice more engagement due to Threads’ interactive posting style similar to Twitter.

Should I still use Threads for Online Marketing?

Honestly, it’s up to you! Online marketing and selling on Threads will still be good if you have an existing business on other platforms. If you ask us though, new businesses might not be able to make the most out of Threads. It is quite difficult to garner new followers on a new profile and on Threads it is even harder. Make sure your business already has some popularity on Instagram before checking Threads out.

Threads is then again under the Meta company which Facebook and Instagram are under. This means you are able to access Meta ads and create ads for your store on the app. It might not be cost-effective, but it is still good in the long run for quite popular businesses.

We hope this guide helped you understand how Threads works and we wish you good luck!