Is Twitter Gone? What’s happening to Twitter?

July 25, 2023

Digital Marketing

The blue tweeting bird we all love is now actually rebranding itself to X. Yes, no more Twitter.com as X.com will now be redirecting us here. People are all getting confused now so let’s answer the question: what’s really happening to Twitter?

What’s happening to Twitter?

Seemingly a part of the whole transformation of Twitter under Elon Musk, rebranding was apparently the next step in the whole fiasco following its major downfall and defeat to the release of Threads.

Elon Musk bought Twitter back in 2022 for $44 billion in an attempt to save the application as it had been going under already during then. The name X can be retraced back to the entrepreneur’s obsession with the letter X with his ownership over X Corp and SpaceX.

The rebranding of the iconic Twitter is supposed to symbolize that it is now an app that can do everything from audio and video media, to messaging and even banking, all according to Linda Yaccarino, Twitter CEO.

What is new with Twitter (X)?

The whole rebranding is supposed to represent Twitter’s movement in a whole new direction. It signifies the start of its evolution into Musk’s dream of it becoming the new everything app. Everything apps aren’t really that popular yet, but in China, WeChat is the largest everything app there is.

X’s main goal is to be unlimited interactivity. Musk wanted the platform to be something more than just a simple social media platform. He envisioned Twitter to be used for transactions, purchasing, even book travels, analysts claim.

Well, why though?

It might be a long road, but what’s happening to Twitter is technically just an upgrade.

From now on, we can expect Twitter to be moving in the right direction. Rebranding to X and leaving behind its past is a good first step. Soon, we can expect Twitter to be performing much better than usual with its upgrades.