Improve Your Local SEO

December 28, 2023


Local SEO

Search engine optimization takes a while to learn. It has a lot of branches that you have to focus on just so you can get your content some attention. A big branch of this marketing tactic is local SEO. Here, you have to focus on curating your content for local searches. Improve your local SEO by reading our full guide.

What is Local SEO?

SEO but make it location specific

SEO basically focuses on optimizing content so it shows up on search engine results. However, people search a lot of different types of things. As such, marketers have to “use” the right type of SEO that caters to different types of searches.

Don’t you wish that you could just skip the few months of introducing yourself to the market and let a significant number of your customers in the area know you’re there?

Since this guide is focusing more on local SEO, we’ll use this as an example. In everyday life, people sometimes tend to search for casual activities. These include restaurants, recreational activities, and other fun stuff to do. Local SEO takes part in this by giving users a personalized set of search results that are close to their area, hence the term local.

Local SEO is technically just optimizing your content to make sure it shows up as a search result for local preferences. If you have a business that focuses on activities like the ones stated above, then you might want to invest in this specific type of SEO.

Why is Local SEO Important?

Restaurants near me

As with any search engine optimization branch, this allows you to have significant long-term effects for your business. It allows your businesses to be more visible on search engines like Google and in your local area. Moreover, organic traffic can be accumulated from people in your area from simple searches.

Instead of reaching out to a very large demographic, local SEO allows you to focus on the potential customers in your area. This means it allows you to compete with other similar businesses or competitors, or even get ahead.

How Can You Start With Local SEO?

You should definitely invest in local SEO if you want your business to compete. It is quite a process to do if you decide to do so, but with the proper steps, you can create content that caters to the local people near you.

If you’ve made up your mind and want to start a local SEO plan, then start by reading our guide below. Although local SEO will generate you long-term traffic, you have to remember that results won’t show up overnight after publishing content.

Add Location Pages to Your Websites

Most websites nowadays have location pages that show their location on Google Maps. In this page you can include multiple branch addresses and phone numbers. It’s important that you don’t repeat information that you’ve already included in previous pages, so make sure that the content here doesn’t clash with your other website content.

Be Creative Studios address

As a business, you might have multiple websites and social media pages too. Just remember that your branch addresses and phone numbers must be consistent across all platforms.

Add your website to Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) is a Google Tool that utilizes Google Maps to enlist your business in the map. It also allows you to place your company’s business hours, add some photos or videos to help identify if your customers are in the right place, basically letting you make the most out of helping your customers find your store/office.

Optimize Your Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are a big part of SEO. When searching on Google, these are the short paragraphs you see under a link that gives you a brief description of the website contents. Consider adding your location to meta descriptions alongside what your business does.

Google business

Localize Your Content

Each area has its own set of trends that you can follow to increase engagement. Instead of making content that caters to everyone, it might be a smarter move to cater that content to the local people near you.

Engage with Your Local Community

It’s a great idea to start engaging with the local events in your area too. Some cities hold events that you can participate in by adding your own business booths and even post flyers around. This is not exactly an online effort, but it does increase your local presence nevertheless.

Improve Your Overall SEO Plan

Even if you create localized content and focus on local SEO, you still won’t be able to see good results if your overall SEO isn’t up to par. Remember that if you want to improve your local SEO, make sure that you also invest time and effort into your general SEO plan. 

Take Note!

As with any SEO branch, your efforts won’t take fruit overnight. You have to be patient and wait for organic traffic to show up. This can take a lot of time so don’t give up immediately. Consistency is your best friend when creating SEO plans and new content.

It’ll definitely help if you, or who you hire for SEO services knows what they’re doing. A digital marketing agency is all about this type of technical work!

Local SEO Improves Business Presence

At the end of the day, local SEO’s main goal is to increase business presence in your area. It allows more organic traffic to come through for your website from people near you. Overall, it’s a great investment in the long run, but you do have to be consistent with it. Don’t stop posting just because people aren’t clicking on your links.

Location pages and good meta descriptions that emphasize your local business is a great way to get larger audiences too. Just remember that without a good overall SEO plan, your local SEO will also suffer.