Give back, it’s Christmas season!

July 28, 2023

Digital Marketing

Saying thank you and reciprocating during the giving season is pretty much standard for any business, not just here in the Philippines. As consumers are getting more and more aware of corporate greed, it’s crucial in this day in age that we say thank you to customers!

The holidays are all about spreading love and gratitude and companies should not hesitate in joining this who knows how old culture. If you have no idea how to do so, we’ll be listing a few that you can do for your customers.

Start customer loyalty programs

Let’s take a moment to look at one of the biggest coffee chains right now: Starbucks. Aside from the wide array of drinks offered at the cafe, there’s one thing that customers keep on coming back for. What is that you may ask? It’s the stickers they collect for the famous Starbucks planner. Customers essentially buy drinks almost everyday to collect stickers, which then can be exchanged for a diary/planner. Here we can see the coffee shop not arrange a sale or give away coupons, but instead gave customers an incentive to keep coming back, or in simple terms, loyalty. 

Obviously, Starbucks still had to spend on these planners, but looking at how much they made just from getting customers to keep coming back, they made that money back in no time. From an eagle’s eye view, all Starbucks gained from the promotional planners was returning customers and a loyal audience. 

Not just for your customers

Giving back to customers is important, but in this day and age where people are getting more aware of social issues present in society, it’s important to also incorporate this into business campaigns. As the whole theme of this is to give back and give thanks, starting charities for the less fortunate. Of course, doing this just for the gain of the business is ultimately wrong and consumers will see right through this. Important thing is to be genuine, be honest, and lastly, be thankful.

Say “thank you” to your customers!

If your company is just starting out and does not yet have the budget for a large-scale loyalty program, another way to show your customers you appreciate them is just by saying a simple “thank you” through social media posts or crafted letters that can be handed out with purchase. You will not realize how long a simple act of gratitude will get you.

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