Easy Guide to Video Marketing in 2024

December 30, 2023


Video Marketing

The common marketing tactics are always evolving. The introduction of technology to humans had big changes to the marketing world. From just common posters and billboards, marketers are now utilizing digital methods. One of these digital marketing methods is video marketing. If you’re interested in how this works, then continue reading our easy guide to video marketing in 2023.

What is Video Marketing?

First things first, let’s discuss what video marketing’s role is in marketing. In our simplest words, video marketing is the use of video content to promote your business. It is a widely popular marketing tactic that thousands of companies use nowadays.

Seasoned marketers often use video content on social media as it’s a great way to reach large audiences. Posting this type of content on social media can increase engagement from different audiences. This also includes audiences that you did not initially intend to reach.

As you continue reading, we’ll attempt to help you fully understand video marketing. We’ll also try to give you our best tips and tricks to improve your own business’ video content.

Did you know: Video ads on Instagram generate three times as much user engagement than regular images. Motion Graphics / Videos get better attention.

Is Video Marketing Important?

There can be tons of good outcomes for you when investing in video marketing. When it comes to reaching out to people, video and film are great mediums. Coming from us, we’d personally watch a simple video rather than reading through complicated content.

With the recent rise of the popular social media platform TikTok, more people have begun to invest in video content too. For those of you that don’t frequent that platform, TikTok is a type of social media that makes users scroll down short clips or videos that are catered to them.

Other social media platforms have begun to recreate their own type of TikTok as well. Facebook and Instagram have their Reels and YouTube with Shorts. With this in mind, you may want to start investing in new types of video content to be relevant with today’s society.

The Benefits of Video Marketing

Investing in video marketing can be a great way for you to increase your business’ reputation. Aside from just increasing your reputation, there are also a number of benefits that can arise from simply posting a video online.

Getting the Attention of Your Audience

Well-made video content has different types of cinematography, music, and colors. Proper use of these elements can get you a number of people engaging with your business. This helps you be discovered online and gets you some good followers.

Expanding Your Target Audience

As we’ve said before, video content can reach out to people who aren’t even part of your target. Social media is a very broad spectrum and contains all different kinds of people. Since videos are mostly posted on social media platforms, viral videos can get the attention of all people. More publicity, more fame!

How Do I Effectively Create Video Content?

More and more people are now investing into video content as it’s a really great way to compete. Video content can sometimes be labeled as a luxury since it does cost a bit of money. Don’t let this be an obstacle though. There are a few tips we can offer you to figure out how to create video content properly.

Figure Out Your Budget

The first step in making your video content as sustainable as possible is to figure out your budget. Brainstorm ideas on how you want your video to look and what you want to showcase in it. After that, figure out what things you’ll need to pay for and start from there.

How to Stay On a Budget

Video production can be quite pricey, but don’t let this discourage you. There are a few ways to figure out how to budget properly. This can range from talking it out with your production team to simply just filming your own video at home!

Choose the Right Type of Video Content

If you’re thinking about creating video content, you most probably already have an established company branding. Given this, you want to make a video that highlights how your company talks and feels. For example, you wouldn’t really want a funny and unserious video when the image of your company is mostly serious.

Learn the Different Types of Social Media Platforms

Video content is mostly posted online on social media platforms. However, different social media platforms also have their different quirks and identities. Therefore, you have to learn how to talk on different platforms and post different types on each platform.


Facebook is a platform that has existed for so long already. As such, this platform is now currently being used to target audiences that are part of the older generations. Posts on Facebook can be reacted with different types of faces to know how your audiences feel about your posts.


If you want to focus more on millennials and younger people, Instagram is a great platform to post videos on. Engagement is fairly simple here since it’s under the same company that made Facebook. There aren’t really faces to react with, but you can know whether or not your post has done well through the number of likes.


On the other hand, X/Twitter has been under a lot of changes and controversy lately. Most members of Generation Z use X/Twitter and it’s a popular platform for online sellers whose main product is musical material like albums.


The newest type of social media is TikTok. As said before, users can constantly scroll through videos that are catered to them. Although mostly used by younger people, it’s still a great medium to use for any type of content.

Bonus Tip: Have a Hook

A hook keeps or loses the attention of your viewer. As you know, in social media, people are scrolling through their timelines in a way that barely gives content any attention. If you’re lucky enough to have a few seconds, you better make it count.

A hook message basically means that you have to gain their attention with respect to the point of your video in order to keep them interested in watching further.

How to Measure Video Success

There are a number of different ways to figure out if your video content was a success. If you generally post on social media, you can look at the number of likes and engagement your post has through your business page’s settings. This can differ in different platforms so we urge you to learn how to use these social media platforms beforehand to get a feel of it.

Before We End This Guide…

We have to remind you that there is no one good formula to make good video content. You have to follow your own creative process and start from there. Sticking to a budget is also pretty standard if you want your video investment to last.

These can be a hassle to learn, but these will effectively increase your engagement with a lot of people and even expand your target market. This is especially important nowadays since a lot of companies are competing with their personal video content on different social media platforms.

Speaking of social media platforms, you also have to remember that different kinds of platforms have their own environment. You have to research and learn how to interact on each of these to maximize engagement.