2024 Social Media Strategies Philippines: Maximizing Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

June 20, 2024

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Social Media Strategies in the Philippines 2024

Social media is an integral part of every marketing plan, especially in the Philippines. Social Media Strategies in the Philippines 2024 are crucial for reaching a large audience quickly and increasing brand awareness. If you’re looking to further your business in the long run, we heavily recommend following these social media strategies in 2024.

It’s crucial to integrate social media into your marketing plans nowadays. Almost every business uses social media, making it a great way to keep tabs on how people perceive you, as well as your competitors. Following the right social media strategies in the Philippines 2024 can give you a competitive edge.

Being able to take a peek into your competitors’ social media engagements is more valuable than you think. You can see what their shortcomings are when it comes to engaging, as well as what makes them popular. Using these insights can help you refine your own social media strategies in the Philippines 2024.

A Few Social Media Stats

Social media marketing is still growing in proportion to the growing users in the Philippines.

Social Media Statistics

A study by Meltwater shows that of the country’s 116.5 million total population, 85.2 million can be found using the internet for various purposes such as finding information, staying in touch with friends and family, watching TV shows, keeping up to date with the latest trends, and other aspects of life influenced by the internet. This makes it imperative to employ effective social media strategies in the Philippines 2024.

Why shouldn’t you capitalize on the opportunity to be seen on people’s phones and computers? Setting up a marketing plan that includes these social media strategies in the Philippines 2024 can make a significant difference for your business.

Setting Up Your Marketing Plan: Social Media Strategies in the Philippines 2024

Before you start worrying about social media, you must first set up a solid marketing plan. You must be able to stick to the long-term goals you’ve laid out for your business. This in itself will help shape your whole business’s life and allow your future plans to be feasible.

Understanding Your Audience: Targeting Your Market Effectively

Every business has its own target audience that they want to cater to. It’s one of the few things you must figure out before actually creating a product too. Knowing your audience is a key part of effective social media strategies in the Philippines 2024.

Here are examples of demographics you can use to filter your audience:

  • Economic class
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Hobbies
  • Income
  • Education Level
  • Profession
  • Marital Status
  • Who they trust
  • What they read/watch

Once you’ve figured out your own target audience, it’s a great idea to get to know them, how to engage with them, and how they act. This will help you choose an appropriate social media platform for your business since different platforms cater to different demographics too.

Setting the Right Tone: Crafting Your Brand’s Voice

Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away with creating plans and goals for your business. Nevertheless, it’s also important for those goals to be realistic and achievable. Make sure to set a goal you want to get within a specific amount of time. For example, getting 50 followers every month. This is one of the realistic social media strategies in the Philippines 2024.

Setting up your tone

Enhancing Your Branding: Building Your Brand Identity

Make sure to also set your branding in stone. This is what makes you distinct from your competitors and what makes your current audience like you. Before you start engaging on social media, you must be able to engage in a way that reflects your business’s values and branding. Consistent branding is essential for successful social media strategies in the Philippines 2024.

Focus on your branding

Choosing the Best Platforms: Platform Selection for Success

Now that you have your marketing plan and goals in mind, it’s time to pick an appropriate social media platform for your business. Yes, every social media platform has its own quirks that make them special. You must know how to utilize these to further your brand awareness. Choosing the right platforms is crucial for implementing social media strategies in the Philippines 2024.

Most used social media platforms 2024

Facebook Marketing: Leveraging Facebook’s Potential

The first platform we have on our list is our good old Facebook. This platform has been used ever since 2004, and people are still using it to this day. Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms and is also being used in countless marketing strategies out there. If you want to build a good social media presence, Facebook is a great door to open.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Simply put, Facebook marketing is the act of promoting your business on Facebook. This includes various means such as posting photos, videos, and other engaging content. Facebook even has its own management platform called Meta Business Suite and a platform called Facebook Ads that you can pay for to post your ads.

Moreover, Facebook Marketplace was released back in 2016, giving more businesses an opportunity to utilize Facebook’s popularity.

Using Facebook heavily improves your brand visibility online. It also increases your brand awareness and popularity, as most Facebook users are still very active in using the platform to keep up with their loved ones. Implementing Facebook as part of your social media strategies in the Philippines 2024 can be very effective.

Facebook also allows you to post engaging content that includes photos and videos with good visuals. You can choose whatever kind of content you want to post on your business timeline, and you can even set up polls for your audience to see what they think you need to improve on.

Who Uses Facebook in the Philippines?

Facebook is the predominant social media platform to this day, having an astounding 95.7% of the 85.2 million Filipinos using the internet of ages 16-64 years old, regardless of demographics.

Demographic profile of Meta's ad audience

Analyzing Facebook Data

Facebook Analytics

Using Facebook also allows you to check the results of your efforts easily. With the use of likes, comments, and shares, you can see how well your online content is doing. You can also check how many people visit your page regularly by going to your own page’s settings.

Engagement is also seen easily by going to a post’s settings. This part shows you how many people interacted with your posts directly, as well as if they clicked on any of the like and share buttons.

Lastly, you can also view the statistics of your video content. Just like any post, you can see how many people engaged with the video, but it also shows you how long the video was viewed by many. You can use this to your advantage by catering to what people liked about past video content. Utilizing these analytics is a key part of successful social media strategies in the Philippines 2024.

Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

If using Facebook has intrigued you, fear not as it’s also not that complicated to start Facebook marketing. Before you are able to fully utilize Facebook’s benefits stated above, you must first have the best Facebook page you can create.

To create a page, you must first log into your business account. After this, look for the option on the left side of the screen to +Create New Page. Everything will follow from here, and if you want to read our full guide on how to do so, click on this link.

Facebook Shopping Section

If you directly went to the Facebook Marketplace before setting up your business page, we don’t blame you! This is pretty common for most businesses out there, but before going to Facebook Marketplace, it’s important to first have a business page.

This is because you can even directly sync your business page to Facebook Marketplace by clicking the Choose Sales Channel option. This even helps Facebook recognize your page as an official business page!

Start Engaging!

After you’ve made it this far, the next step for you is to start posting engaging content for your followers. It’s now time to start listing products or items that your business sells. To do this, you must first be logged into your business page, then click post! Make sure to include photos and to specify your products.

Instagram Marketing: Instagram’s Impact on Business

Instagram is another social media platform that was released back in 2010. This platform is closely related to Facebook as both were released by the same company: Meta. When this was released, it was used primarily as a way for people to engage with their loved ones through photos and videos. It was a way for everyone to get a peek into someone else’s life.

Similar to Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing focuses on creating engaging content about your business on Instagram. Although both platforms were released by the same company, they are still incredibly different.

Instagram is only behind Facebook as the most used social media platform out there. It has over a billion monthly active users, and almost everyone has an Instagram account! Most of the users on this platform are also between the ages of 18 and 44, making it a good platform to use if your demographic includes those ages.

Implementing Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing relies more on the use of lifestyle photos and videos. This doesn’t mean that you should only post text-less photos on Instagram, but ideally, content on Instagram should have photos that tell a story. It’s a very visual platform.

Rule of thumb: create content that’s easy to digest.

Instagram content UI

Who Uses Instagram in the Philippines?

Generally speaking, Instagram is heavily used by the Millennial-GenZ generation, as it’s a platform of “aesthetics.” This age demographic loves adoring brands and their products, or following their favorite influencers indulging in the things life has to offer.

If you have products that are appealing to a certain lifestyle, it’s a pretty good bet that you’re Instagrammable!

Analyzing Instagram Metrics

Facebook and Instagram, being owned by Meta, share the same page management software called the Meta Business Suite. Utilizing this tool is essential for your social media strategies in the Philippines 2024.

Getting Started with Instagram Marketing

The process to create a business account on Instagram is quite simple if you follow these steps, or you may check out our full guide here. First, open the app to sign up. It will give you an option to log in with a Facebook account so make sure to use your business email in doing so.

When picking a username for Instagram, make sure it’s related to your business. Also, be sure that it’s easy to find! If you haven’t figured one out yet, pick a temporary one as you can always change this down the road.

Once you have your account, it’s important to go to your account settings to switch to a professional account. This can be simply done by tapping Account and choosing Switch to Professional Account. This allows Instagram to recognize your business profile as a professional one and makes it easier for your audience to reach you.

Sync to Facebook

If you followed the steps before in creating a Facebook business profile, then you’re in luck since you also have the option to sync your Facebook business profile to your Instagram.

To do this, log into your Facebook account and allow Instagram to access your Pages. Select your Facebook business Page to connect to your Instagram and you’re done!

Start Engaging!

As we’ve mentioned before, Instagram is mostly used as a window to peek into the lives of our loved ones. Like so, Instagram posts, even business-related ones, perform the best when opting for themes that involve lifestyle.

Allow your audience to see the human side of your business and post photos of your business that say as much. Further engage with your audience through Instagram Stories that show a series of photos or clips that they can interact with. You can even post polls on your Stories to see what your customers would like to see more from your business.

TikTok Marketing: Harnessing TikTok’s Influence

TikTok stormed its way into popularity back in 2018. Although it wasn’t popular at first, it was arguably the most used app during the heights of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was used by many as a pastime by posting videos of dances and other relatable content.

The app is quite different from Facebook and Instagram as it employs a style of having users constantly scroll to see different videos of their liking. Arguably, TikTok was so popular that even Facebook and Instagram developed their own form of this scroll-type video, now known as Facebook and Instagram Reels. Eventually, even YouTube followed suit.

Tiktok AD

What is TikTok Marketing?

Similar to before, TikTok marketing simply refers to using marketing tactics on the TikTok app. We must note however that TikTok is a widely different social media platform than the previously discussed ones.

Every social media platform has their own vibe due to the demographic using them, and TikTok is no exception. This app is widely used by the current Generation Z so using TikTok to promote and advertise means being aware of current trends and events to avoid getting labeled as a harmful business.

Why Choose TikTok for Your Business?

On every social media platform, influencers are a huge deal. This goes all the more true for TikTok. Popular TikTok influencers even go on to make their own brands and music due to their popularity on the app.

Don’t let this scare you though. You don’t really need to be a huge TikTok star to be able to promote your business properly. Instead you can use the help of these influencers to promote your brand accordingly.

Analyzing TikTok Data

This platform even has its own system for businesses to check their metrics. TikTok metrics can be accessed by going to Profile > Creator Tools > Analytics. Here you will be able to see how many views your posts have, likes, and other metrics you can utilize for more popularity.

Getting Started with TikTok Marketing

TikTok released a platform for businesses recently called TikTok for Business and TikTok Pro. Although both had their own differences, they were eventually combined into TikTok for Business for any type of business online.

To create a TikTok for Business profile, simply create a TikTok account with your business email and pick a username, common interests for your business, and edit your biography. Once this is done, go to profile and open the Settings and Privacy tab then tap Manage Account. Under Account Control, you will see the option to Switch to Business Account.

Under the biography section of your profile, you can even add links to your other business websites.

Start Engaging!

TikTok content is by far the most flexible of the platforms currently discussed. You have the option to post short clips, ads, and even photo slideshows. You must learn how to get creative and follow TikTok trends for your content to go viral or even earn attention. Moreover, learning about the appropriate TikTok hashtags will help your content go a long way!

Make sure however to be as respectful as possible to every group you may interact with. You have to be able to give as much attention to your audience as you do to your business.

Conclusion: Navigating Social Media Strategies in the Philippines 2024

As we reach the end of our guide, we hope that we’ve helped you reach a good decision regarding your social media marketing plan. Since each social media platform has its own unique features, we definitely recommend giving each a go and see what fits.

Facebook marketing is a great idea since it helps boost engagement and its users are still quite active. This also gives you access to Facebook Marketplace which is a great place to start online selling.

Instagram on the other hand can be set-up with a professional business account and then be connected to Facebook Marketplace for more visibility.

Lastly, TikTok is an entirely new platform that you can use for access to a unique engagement style. TikTok’s scroll-type video system was proven so popular that even Facebook and Instagram developed their own type of system called Reels.

Although if this does seem a bit much to you, it’s never really a bad idea to hire a digital marketing agency qqqqto do the effort for you.